My Mission 

To treat every Real Estate transaction as if it were my own, and by doing so I will simplify the process and create lasting relationships. 

Times have changed, the way you feel about buying or selling your home doesn't have to. Haddad Real Estate is combining the traditional realtor experience of personal tentative care with new age marketing and convenience. With 10 years of experience in Calgary's constantly expanding communities, I have kept my finger on the pulse to never lose sight of an up and coming investment opportunity or a first time home buyers needs. I understand a home may be one of the most expensive purchases in your life, so I will make it more than just a purchase, but an experience that leaves you feeling proud and confident in the home you chose and who you chose to help you find it.
elias haddad
elias haddad
100, 1301 - 8th Street Calgary AB T2R 1B7